How do we make our chai?

Whether you like it sweet or like to add your own sweetness, cafeine or cafeine free, we have chai all wrapped up.

Chai Syrups

  • Original              250 ml bottle $9.00
  • Chilli                    250 ml bottle $9.00
  • Dandeline         250 ml bottle $9.00

Chai Dry, no added sugar

  • Original              50 grams $5.00
  • Chilli                    50 grams $5.00
  • Dandeline         50 grams $5.00

Bean Crackers Chai

Making chai is a true labour of love! When we make chai at Bean Crackers, it is an all day event where the whole family gets involved. From the preparation of the ingredients, the lengthy cooking process, to the bottling and labeling.

We believe fresh and organic is best when it comes to making our chai products.


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